Be Prepared For Your Exams With CNA Practise Tests

The next step for graduates of an accredited CNA training program is to take the certification exam. When the passing grade is achieved by the applicant, he/she will now be conferred the title of a certified nursing assistant and, thus, eligible to apply for any position commensurate to said qualification.

Well, of course, taking the National Nurse Aid Assessment Program (NNAAP) certification exam requires adequate preparation. Said preparation starts with being a diligent student and then taking advantage of practice tests, which are available on several online sites.

Test Components

Keep in mind that the NNAAP certification exam has two components: first, the written or oral portion; and second, the skills demonstration part. Candidates must successfully pass both of these two components before their names can be listed on the state nurse aide registry.

The practice tests for the NNAAP certification exams only refer to the written part. The answers are provided in multiple-choice form so it is a relatively simple matter of shading the right answer.

The oral and skill demonstration portions should be practiced in another manner. Also, candidates can choose from either English or Spanish when taking the oral part of the NNAAP certification exam.

It should be noted that the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) has neither produced nor endorsed any practice exams so whatever practice tests available online should be taken with a grain of salt, so to speak. We suggest choosing the practice test based on the recommendations of instructors and certified nursing assistants.

Written Test Parts

As can be expected, the contents of the NNAAP certification exam have already been discussed during the classroom and in-clinic aspects of the CNA training program. The applicant must then review his textbooks and notes to refresh his memory on the subjects covered, in addition to practicing his skills at answering the exam questions via practice tests.

For purposes of discussion, the NNAAP certification exam has the following parts:

• Physical Care – The questions relate to the essential skills for patients’ daily care including personal hygiene, nutrition, and sleep.

• Basic Nursing Skills – The topics include emergency procedures, therapeutic techniques, and infection control, to name a few. Be careful as the answers can all appear correct so be sure to re-read the choices before shading your answer.

• Injury Prevention and Self-care – The questions pertain to the skills needed by the nursing assistant in preventing injury among their patients and in teaching them self-care.

• Psychosocial Care – The subjects deal with the expected care of patients where their emotional, mental, and spiritual health is concerned.

• Roles of CNA – The topics covered deal with the roles, responsibilities, and skills expected of a certified nursing assistant including but not limited to ethics, communication and teamwork.

As previously mentioned, the examination questions should have been covered during the CNA school program. This underlines the importance of choosing an accredited school since the assumption is that its curriculum follows the NCSBN-mandated curriculum.

Test Tips

When taking practice tests, it is always best to treat these exams as the real deal. You will then be able to ascertain your strengths and weaknesses with the goal being to increase your chances of passing the actual certification exam. We also suggest relaxing your mind before the practice tests; eating a good meal for energy, concentration, and good memory; and focusing on the present.

Indeed, practice tests are great tools to prepare for the actual NNAAP certification exam mainly as a preparation step but there’s nothing like being a diligent student in the first place.